Announcing Advance Review Copies of The Orphan of Torundi

Scheduled for release in late November of this year, Penelope Pipp Publishing is proud to present The Orphan of Torundi.  If you are a reviewer interested in receiving an Advance Review Copy, please email us with your business information (book blogger, book store owner, librarian, teacher, etc.) and contact address!

A PENELOPE PIPP PUBLISHING Young Adult Adventure/Romance
“[I]t’s intrigue and espionage writing at its best…. [W]ith its sweeping descriptions and involving protagonist, readers can expect to hop on board the departing train of adventure for an invigorating, can’t-put-it-down ride.” 
D. Donovan, e-book reviewer, Midwest Book Review
To find the truth, she must first uncover the lie ….

Orphaned as an infant, Sam is raised by a pharmaceutical research mission in the rain forests of Torundi.  She wields a mean machete, makes soap from candlenuts and is a fairly astute amateur entomologist.  You know, the normal stuff.  But a month before her seventeenth birthday, she is exiled to an American boarding school in Penang, Malaysia.

Armed with little more than her unusual upbringing and church-lady clothes, Sam must contend with her new existence as the world’s most socially unprepared high school senior. Well that’s just fine. Because she is determined to solve the mystery behind her banishment and return home tout de suite.

But when she discovers the unthinkable – that her banishment is tied to an enigmatic corporation with illicit designs on Torundi – she realizes the real mystery she must uncover is … why? Soon, Sam is caught in a whirlwind of intrigue, danger and greed. As she chases this thread of truth to its end, she unravels a plot that threatens her beloved home, her trust in the boy she has grown to love and her own existence.

Blending espionage elements akin to The Bourne Identity with those high-school-awkward-moments (hey, it could happen), THE ORPHAN OF TORUNDI is a quirky, cross-cultural tale of adventure, self-discovery and romance.

J.L. McCreedy is a shoe-string traveler, a street food fanatic and a (confused) attorney who prefers writing stories over legal briefs. She is also the author of LIBERTY FRYE AND THE WITCHES OF HESSEN [Penelope Pipp Publishing, 2012].

300 Pages; Publication date: November 2014
YA Action & Adventure/Romance
Available wherever books are sold.
ISBN (E-book): 978-0-9882369-3-6/0988236931 ($4.99)
ISBN (Paperback): 978-0-9882369-2-9/0988236923 ($9.99)
Penelope Pipp Publishing, 
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