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We are pleased to work with Jacinta Tonga, a Fijian-born and raised force of nature who has completed a short memoir on her late grandmother, the incomparable Petera Veu.

A Remarkable Rotuman Woman speaks of traditional life on the remote island of Rotuma, the peculiarities of its culture and of one woman’s determination to decide her own fate in spite of circumstances to the contrary. Ms. Tonga currently lives in — fittingly — the Kingdom of Tonga where she serves as a nurse for the U.S. Peace Corps. She can be reached at:

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J.L. McCreedy is a shoe-string traveler, street food fanatic and attorney who prefers writing stories over legal briefs. She developed an incurable condition of wanderlust while growing up in Southeast Asia as the child of missionaries, and has been exploring the globe ever since. She’s the author of the Liberty Frye series and The Orphan of Torundi, and writes about travel, cycling and living in other cultures at TongaTime.com.

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